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The Roma Virtual Network (RVN) is a public grass-roots initiative aimed to provide the international Roma community and friendly non-Roma organizations and individuals with useful information on Roma issues in variety of languages via the Internet. Since its' establishment on 19 July 1999 its' activity is actively helping to facilitate the cooperation and exchange of information within Roma organizations and individuals, between Roma and non-Roma organizations and individuals and also between Roma NGOs and official institutions. It deals with a variety of Roma-related political, cultural, economic and social issues on local and international levels. It aims to support the improvement of the Romani situation in Europe and other parts of the world.

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Roma Associations

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Roma Associations » Mr. Valery NOVOSELSKY

The Roma Virtual Network (RVN) is a public grass-roots initiative aimed to provide the...

Roma Associations » Roma association Roma go forward

Roma association Roma go forward is association of Roma from municipality Grosuplje and Nonroma...

Roma Associations » Romano Centro - Verein für Roma/Association for Roma

Romano Centro was founded in 1991 as one of Austria's first Roma associations. Roma from...